Our loss control process is designed to offer simple tools to policyholders that give them the opportunity to create the kind of safety culture that will help them reduce claim frequency and severity and, over time, improve their ex mod.

We believe that companies can create a safety culture that will prevent incidents from occurring. That’s why we provide the tools needed to create a safe work environment for our policyholder’s employees. You can also access our loss control tools and use them to assess your clients’ safety needs.

Here are a few things you need to know about Loss Control at Atlas.

  • Falls Lake, StarStone and Accredited policyholders have FREE access to our online safety resources, including GoSafe.
  • Eligible policyholders will see a welcome email from GoSafe with their username and password after the policy is bound. This is sent automatically to the Inspection Contact.
  • Sometimes, we are required to provide loss control services. You are notified by Atlas when loss control is ordered. The loss control inspector will also contact you. We need your help to schedule these visits.
  • A confirmation email is sent to you and the insured contact after a loss control visit. Sometimes, this email includes recommendations for addressing safety concerns.
  • When critical recommendations are issued from a loss control visit, the policyholder or an employee representative must respond to those recommendations by the due date.

Loss Control Tools