GoQuote Instant Quoting

Use Atlas Gateway to receive faster Workers’ Compensation quotes for accounts totaling less than $25k in written premium.

Benefits & Features

  • 13% commission
  • Exclusive carrier partnership
  • Automatic credits applied
  • Lower down payment; monthly reporting
  • Request bind and upload documents immediately
  • Communicate instantly with your underwriting team
  • See real-time status updates and view policy documents
  • Simplified renewal process

GoQuote is available exclusively for workers’ compensation in CA, AZ, GA, NC, NV, SC, and TN.

GoQuote is a service provided by Atlas General Insurance Services, LLC.

GoQuote FAQs

Once a webinar is attended, login information will be released to each attendee via email. If additional logins are needed, please send a request to GatewayHelpDesk@atlas.us.com with the user(s) full name and e-mail address.

One year of prior WC coverage is required in order to be GoQuote eligible. Accounts can still be submitted online but must be reviewed by an underwriter in order to receive a quote.

All policies are direct bill to the insured. The default pay plan will be displayed on the quote indication; an alternate pay plan can be requested via e-mail to GoQuoteUnderwriter@atlas.us.com.

Once the account is “submitted” the system will automatically run clearance as well as eligibility rules.

Once the “General Information” tab is completed, go to the “Overview tab” and click the “Check Clearance” button to confirm a prior submission has not been received.

On the “Overview” tab, there is a “modify submission” button that will open the “Application” fields for editing. Once modifications are submitted, an underwriter will need to acknowledge changes before a revised proposal can be generated. Change requests can also be sent via email to GoQuoteUnderwriter@atlas.us.com.

Renewals are automatically generated in Atlas Gateway, and a GoQuote indication will be sent out if eligible. All other renewals will be reviewed by your underwriter prior to a quote being released.

Once an underwriter receives all file documentation including answers to the class specific questions and currently valued loss runs your request will be reviewed. Underwriting review includes but is not limited to, bureau classification, State license board(s), company website, etc.

On the “Proposal” tab, there is a “Create Proposal” button that will allow you to make amendments to the experience mod. All other change requests can be sent to GoQuoteUnderwriter@atlas.us.com.

On the “Proposal” tab, there is a “Create Proposal” button that will allow you to add a blanket waiver. All other change requests can be sent to GoQuoteUnderwriter@atlas.us.com.

Resource Guides

GoQuote Instant Quoting-Appetite-Guides

GoQuote Appetite Guides

View our GoQuote appetite guides.
GoQuote Appetite Guide – CA (PDF)
GoQuote Appetite Guide – AOS (PDF)


GoQuote FAQs

View our GoQuote FAQ flyer.
Go Quote FAQ Flyer (PDF)


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