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GoQuote is Atlas’ workers’ compensation quoting platform for small business. This service provides our partners with online, real-time policy viewing and editing options, as well as enhanced communication with our underwriters.

Benefits & Features

  • Instant Quoting
  • Personalized Agency Portal
  • Easily upload & track your submissions
  • Live support
  • And much more!

At this time, GoQuote is available exclusively for workers’ compensation policies with premiums up to $25,000.

GoQuote is a service provided by Atlas General Insurance Services, LLC.

GoQuote Demo

Complete GoQuote Demo Breakdown:

GoQuote FAQs

Once a webinar is attended, login information will be released to each attendee via email. If additional logins are needed please request from GatewayHelpDesk@atlas.us.com .

One year of prior WC coverage is required in order to be GoQuote eligible. New venture submissions can still be submitted online, but must be reviewed by an underwriter in order to receive a quote.

All policies are direct bill to the insured. Pay plan will default to 0% down, GoPay ACH. If 10% down, 9 installments is preferred, please contact your account representative.

All subjectivities can be sent via email to your account representative for approval prior to binding.

Once the account is “submitted” the system will automatically run eligibility rules, as well as clearance.

Once the General Information tab is completed, go to the Overview tab and click the “Check Clearance” button to confirm a prior submission has not been received.

There is a “modify submission” button that will open the Application fields for editing. Once modifications are submitted, an account representative will need to acknowledge changes before a revised proposal can be generated. Change requests can also be sent via email.

Yes, we recommend uploading all documents into the “Attachments Drawer.”

Renewals will be automatically generated in the system and modifications can be submitted if there have been updates, but all renewals must be reviewed by an underwriter in order to receive the quote.

Resource Guides

GoQuote Instant Quoting-Appetite-Guides

GoQuote Appetite Guides

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GoQuote Appetite Guide (CA Only) (PDF)
GoQuote Appetite Guide (All Other States) (PDF)

GoQuote Instant Quoting-Features-Benefits

GoQuote Features and Benefits

View our GoQuote features and benefits flyer.
GoQuote Features and Benefits (PDF)


GoQuote FAQs

View our GoQuote FAQ flyer.
Go Quote FAQ Flyer (PDF)


GoQuote Getting Started Guide

Learn how you can get started with GoQuote in 3 easy steps.
GoQuote Getting Started Guide (PDF)


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