Our department orders, reviews and bills premium audits upon your policy’s conclusion to calculate the final premium amount.


Field audit (final)
A premium auditor will contact you for an appointment to visit your location to review your operations and payroll records to ensure the accuracy of the classification assignments on your policy and to calculate the payrolls earned during your policy term.

Voluntary audit (final)
For qualifying accounts, a voluntary audit form will be mailed to you at policy expiration for you to complete and return to us. The information captured on this form is the same as what is obtained during a field audit, except no on-site visit is required.

  • If you require assistance completing this form, you may contact us at audits@atlas.us.com or contact your broker.

Check audit (mid-term)
For qualifying accounts, a check audit form will be mailed to you for completion during your current policy term. This is to ensure your payrolls are in line with the estimates to avoid any large deviations at final audit.

  • If you require assistance completing this form, you may contact us at audits@atlas.us.com or contact your broker.

  • Payroll records for the period being audited (please note: the audit requires all paycheck dates that fell within the audited period, not the period the paychecks were earned).
  • The records should be organized by class code and summarized monthly, quarterly or by audit period.
  • Quarterly tax reports (state unemployment returns; Federal Form 941) applicable for your policy term.
  • A list of clerical employees, their titles and description of duties.
  • A list of corporate officers or owners, their titles and duties.
  • If you have a qualifying section 125 plan, these amounts should be segregated by class code.
  • If any employees earned overtime or doubled time: these amounts should be segregated by class code.
  • If you used any subcontractors, please have their certificates of insurance ready for review.
  • Other records or sources that may be requested for review: cash disbursement journal, general ledger, check register, sales journal, cash receipts, job cost records and/or contracts.
  • For dual-wage policies: please have time cards ready for review.*
    *Please Note: If proper time cards are not maintained, all payrolls will need to be placed into the lower wage/higher rate classification.*

We will need to estimate your final audit premium which may result in paying a greater amount than your original premium. Also, we may need to cancel any current policies that are written through Atlas due to non-compliance with the audit.

    Please contact us at audits@atlas.us.com for:

  • Any questions, concerns or disputes regarding your final audit bill
  • If you would like a copy of the auditors’ worksheets*
    *Please note: As this document contains confidential payroll information, we can only send them to a named principal of your company or the person with whom we conducted your audit. If you wish us to send them to a different person (including a broker or agent), please e-mail a letter on your company letterhead to us authorizing the worksheets to be released.


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