Loss control is different for every business, but there are some basic concepts that apply universally. Loss Control consists of the active identification of hazards and the development of tools, resources and processes to address hazards in order to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring.

How to Address Hazards

Once you have identified the hazards that exist in your workplace you must determine the best way to address them.

    • Avoid the hazard — If the risk is too great, you can choose not to participate in the activity that creates the hazard.
    • Use engineering controls — Install guards, barriers or adjustable workplaces to protect employees or use machinery to handle repetitive tasks.
    • Use administrative controls — Develop a process, policy or procedure that addresses the hazard.
    • Require the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) — As a last resort, you can adopt the use of PPE to protect employees from a known hazard.

Review and monitor your programs, claims and operations on a regular basis and change the things that do not work.

Loss Control Services

At Atlas, we recognize that safety does not happen without the hard work and contributions of an entire team. We are honored to be a part of your safety team. To help contribute to your success, Atlas offers the following Loss Control services to its policy holders.


Managed Workers’ Compensation policyholders with prefixes ATW, AFC, ARL, ASI, T201x, FLA or FNA receive access to GoSafe offered in partnership with Succeed Management Solutions.

Use the GoSafe button to log in to the portal or learn more.

Safety Basics

Atlas General Insurance has compiled a number of links to OSHA’s website to assist you with developing written programs and answering frequently asked questions.

Onsite Loss Control

In some cases, a Loss Control consultant may contact you to follow up on safety concerns or tour your facility. It is our goal to assist you with ensuring a safe working environment for your employees.


Please direct all Loss Control questions and safety video rental questions to: losscontrolservices@atlas.us.com


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